Better data, better workflow, better business

Winsys software enables you to produce your best possible product, on time and at a realistic price. The steady flow of information provided by Winsys helps managers better schedule work, balance workloads, and avoid backups and congestion in some areas while others sit idle. This better balance keeps all machinery and personnel working at optimum levels.

The Winsys toolset includes:

  • Product Definitions
  • Order Entry (Stock, Custom, Configurators and Patterns)
  • Automatic Fax or Email of Confirmations
  • Scheduling
  • Document Imaging
  • Factory Paperwork Generation
  • Real Time Production Reports with Barcode Scanning
  • Interfaces to Factory Equipment
  • Linear Optimization
  • Shipping Management (with Barcoding)
  • Invoicing
  • Perpetual Inventory Control
  • Purchasing Functions
  • Perpetual History File
  • Sales Analysis functions
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger (G/L) Interfaces
  • and more

Product Definitions Galore

Winsys accepts definitions of an unlimited number of products, each with an unlimited number of options. The product and option definitions may share bills of material and CAD drawing configurations. Additionally, any product may be identified for use in a multiple product pattern configuration, automatically calculating the various interior dimensions. This product definition flexibility, coupled with the same level of detail available for unique pricing of your products down to the dealer/option level, provide the ultimate in flexibility to define and maintain evolving product offerings.

Inventory-How much do I need, and when do I need it?

Traditional textbook inventory control utilizes minimum, maximum and reorder quantities to assist in automatically determining inventory reorder points and quantities. Although this method applies quite well to a business such as a hospital (patients are consistently sick and in need of tongue depressors!), the fenestration industry has significant peaks and valleys of demand. Further complicating the issue, product introductions and discontinuances invalidate the historical demand and usage information for specific inventory parts. Winsys utilizes a more realistic approach.

As opposed to minimum, maximum and reorder quantities, Winsys compares current inventory quantities against an existing backlog of orders, open purchase orders and projections for future orders. Supplementing this information with the ability to enter desired excess and reorder percentages of desired inventory, inventory decisions are based on current, actual circumstances, not solely on historical demand. Furthermore, the data for each inventory part is presented so that long-lead-time items that require attention are identified today, although they may not be needed in house for days or weeks. And, of course, historical ordering and usage information is retained perpetually!

Order Entry

Entering orders in Winsys is fast and simple. Custom products, stock sizes, multiple unit configurations and CAD drawing displays are all fully supported. Special requirements that are unique to certain customers, and are easily overlooked, may be configured to be automatically included. Orders and estimates are keyed from the same suite of screens removing the need to re-enter an estimate after it becomes an order. Confirming the order details to the customer is also automatic through an integrated Fax server or by using the web-based Winsys Lite EYE software with your dealer network.


Scheduling of orders for production and shipping is a simple function of querying the backlog of current orders and clicking on those that you wish to schedule. Over 20 query criteria items coupled with standard grouping capabilities by production line and shipping area simplify the task. Customers may split line items from orders to multiple production batches without losing the integrity of the original order. Winsys also fully supports the segregation of line items within an order for scheduling shipping and invoicing. As well as a line item view of the backlog, a schedule calendar is also available to track, in real time, the progress of a day’s production and shipping. Feedback is provided to the schedule calendar via bar code scanning on the factory floor.

Factory Information

By identifying specific factory floor workstations within Winsys, one (or more) of over 300 formats of factory reports may be prepared for each worker. The result is that the entire content of each report becomes relevant to each worker as well as the quantity of paper is greatly reduced. Winsys also contains interfacing ability to most factory equipment; including saws, cleaners, glass tables and welders. Additionally, fully optimized linear cut sheets are available via an integrated linear optimizer.

Bar Coding

Real time information about orders can be accessed through Winsys. Individual items can be tracked from manufacturing through shipping. In the production process, items are scanned as they are completed. The item’s status is immediately available throughout the system, including the backlog and schedule calendar, allowing easy monitoring and plant productivity reporting. Additionally, when an item is scanned as complete, inventory associated with the item is transferred from work-in-process to finished goods automatically. Shipping functions use bar code information in two ways to help verify the accuracy and completeness of each load. First, the bar code system lets loaders know which items from a given scheduled load are completed, allowing problem orders to be resolved before loading time. Second, individual items from a scheduled load must be scanned, as they are loaded. The list of items to be loaded is updated with each product scanned. The results are; A) The loaders receive an audible alert if they scan a product that does not belong on the truck and B) When the loaders think they are done with the truck, Winsys reports any items that they forgot to include!

Accounting Made Simple

Accounting data can be quickly accessed and exported in Winsys. Every time money moves within Winsys, a double entry general ledger transaction is written to a G/L detail file. This includes receipt of deposits with orders, invoicing, accounts receivable posting, inventory usage, adjustments, and physical inventory, among other things. At the end of each day, the day’s transactions are available for export to any general ledger program of choice. When the general ledger program imports the day’s transactions, they are presented as a batch, which can be edited and printed before being posted. The real power of the general ledger interface, however, is the flexibility of detail that Winsys is capable of providing. Winsys fully supports the assignment of unique revenue and cost of sales general ledger accounts to each product and/or type of order that operations produce, within each plant location. Similarly, inventory usage may be segregated by type within each plant location.

Those Who Cannot Remember History. . .

For those who have spent too much time searching their file cabinets for invoiced orders, Winsys maintains a perpetual history file of every order that is produced. The history detail includes information about all products produced, their cost, cutting formulas used, selling price, shipping information, dealer information as well as accounts receivable and commission information. Detailed and summary information is available at company, salesman, salesman-within-dealer and dealer levels. Companies may inquire by any range of dates including comparisons to prior periods.

Report and Analyze Anything (or Everything)

Winsys includes numerous standard reports as well as the ability to export the information to Microsoft Excel for charting or analysis. All the information is available to a report writer so that data may be analyzed further, using your own defined selection, sorting and display formats. (A data dictionary is provided as part of the system.) The information is also available through an ODBC database driver so that you may access the detailed information using any report writing tool of choice.

For your Dealer Network

Please take a look at Winsys Lite EYE, a software module that make it easy for your dealer network and for your back-end system to work together seamlessly via the Internet.