System Profiles

Customizable System Profiles

Winsys employs a system profile of more than 100 customizable fields that allow you to configure the system to your unique needs.

Configurable options include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting: Chart of accounts – insert, edit and delete general ledger account numbers and descriptions; default account assignments – easily set a/r, sales, cost of sales, and inventory account numbers; currency configuration – choose U.S., Canadian, or both, and set exchange rates and account numbers.
  • Customer Orders: Set default values for information entered at order entry, including warranty terms, shipping lead times, fraction or decimal order method, finish or opening sizing, and estimate costing method (highest or last cost).
  • Inventory: Set general parameters such as receiving method, costing method, and standard product colors.
  • Factory Paperwork: Choose paper work formats, labeling formats, equipment interface controls, and more.
  • Other customizable functions include: Invoicing, accounts receivable, price schedules, users and passwords, sales tax, holiday schedule, printer control, and shipping.

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