Comprehensive Reporting

Winsys provides users with a catalog of more than 150 different, preconfigured reports. These give you the ability to monitor, analyze and otherwise be informed about the operations of your business.

A small set of example reports include:

  • Backlog Information: Print and view reports using more than 1400 different parameter combinations to produce detailed information about orders, including age, completed quantities, scheduled ship and promised dates, among others.
  • Shipping Information: Incomplete orders for a scheduled shipment; loading manifests with assigned sequences and detailed order information, including completion status; driver’s manifests with detailed product and dealer information, including directions.
  • Inventory Information: Detailed raw materials inventory with part descriptions, quantity on hand, last cost, last physical inventory date, and more; detail and summary of inventory costs; model usage of a given inventory item; and many more.
  • Our current catalog of reports represents 15 years’ of writing reports to meet the needs of our customers. We will gladly write custom reports for your outside communications, such as invoices, confirmations, purchase orders, etc. Additionally, you can create your own reports, as Winsys data is available to export to any third-party reporting software that supports ODBC data sources.

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