Customer Pricing

Customize Your Customer Pricing

Customize your pricing system to meet your needs with the powerful tools provided by Winsys.


With Winsys, you can:

  • Have unlimited price schedules.
  • Have unlimited “dealer special” prices.
  • Have unlimited discounts per product/dealer combination.
  • Price down to the option level.
  • Price by finished or opening size.
  • Have automatic color upcharges.
  • Have multiple schedules per product/dealer.
  • Create united, opening, exact, square foot, and user defined formula driven prices.
  • Export any price schedule to Excel for modification with the click of a button. Modified schedules can be automatically merged back into Winsys.
  • Easily view, edit, and delete schedules from a central location using methods common throughout the system.
  • Create a single schedule and apply it to multiple products.

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