Bar Code System

The Benefits of Barcoding

Winsys gives you real-time information about your orders through an integrated bar code system. Bar codes are printed with product labels, allowing you to track individual items from manufacturing through shipping.

Key features of barcoding:

  • In the production process, items are scanned as they are completed. An item’s completion status is immediately available throughout the system, including the backlog and the schedule calendar, allowing you to easily monitor and report plant productivity.
  • Additionally, when an item is scanned as complete, inventory associated with the item is transferred from work in process to finished goods (with appropriate accounting entries made) automatically.
  • Shipping functions use bar code information in two ways:
    • First, the bar code system lets loaders know what items from a given scheduled load are completed, which allows problem orders to be resolved before loading time.
    • Second, individual items from a scheduled load must be scanned as they are loaded. The list of items yet to be loaded is updated with each product scanned.
    • Additionally, loaders receive an audible alert if they scan a product that does not belong on the load. Both functions help verify the accuracy and completeness of the load.

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