Backlog and Scheduling

Take control of your product backlog and scheduling

…With our comprehensive set of tools for searching, organizing, and scheduling.

  • Winsys gives you the ability to display, manage, schedule or print your backlog by virtually any category or sequence you may need.
    • Within your query results, you have the ability to inquire on the status of any order including, with a few simple mouse clicks, the current status of each line item on the order.


Schedule your production and shipping from the backlog:

  • Quickly find all the unscheduled orders in your system, marked them with a mouse click, then schedule them for production or shipping.
  • To see the big picture, Winsys provides you with a schedule calendar which reports the scheduled volume of production and shipping for each day of the month.
    • If you elect to view the detail for a particular day, a few simple clicks will quickly reveal the status of an individual order or line item.
  • Monitor your production on a real-time basis:
    • Completed production counts are available instantly through our integrated bar code system.

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