Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Winsys features a complete, easy-to-use Accounts Receivable system that will minimize your cash posting time, while giving you greater control over dealer account information and reporting.


Key features include:

  • Postings will make all appropriate accounting entries.
  • Invoices are transferred into Accounts Receivable automatically.
  • Payments may be applied toward individual orders, or blanket applied to all open invoices.
  • Payments received from corporate customers can be applied to individual stores automatically.
  • Calculate cash discounts automatically.
  • Post adjustments.
  • Post revisions.
  • Post deposits or any other unapplied cash.
  • Post invoices for unapplied cash.
  • Apply interest charges automatically.
  • Postings will make all appropriate accounting entries.
  • Easily display dealer credit and aging information, including recent order and payment history, as well as exposure.
  • Print customer statements.
  • Print cash journals for daily deposit reconciliation.
  • Print/review an extensive set of reports: Aged trial balance, detailed collections, and deposits on file.

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